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Office Infrastructure

Opening a new office or office IT relocation can be exhilarating as it opens opportunities to grow your business. It can be entering a new market, acquiring another company, or expanding your office to another location. Whatever the scenario is, you will face many hurdles due to the cumbersome and time-consuming process of setting up a new office IT infrastructure. It is the reason top companies globally outsource their new office project to reputed IT service providers.

How New Office IT Infrastructure/Office IT Relocation service can benefit you
• Focus on your Business: Relying on service providers to set up a new office will help you avoid distractions and worry about the new setup.
• Time and Cost Savings: Procuring IT equipment can be expensive and time-consuming for a non-expert. Hence relying on experts will help you save both.
• Latest Technology: Service providers are updated with the latest technology and install only the best equipment available in the market.
• Faster Installation: Equipment with the latest technologies is easy and quick to install, delivering you a new office on time.

How Hireinfosystems can help you

Hireinfosystems, being a leading service provider, understands the need to set up robust office Infrastructure in limited time to help the client stay ahead of the competition.
Hireinfosystems, with a team of experts, has set up IT Office Infrastructure for many clients for several years now. Being experienced in the latest technologies, setting up IT Office Infrastructure in less than expected time has been our forte. Our strategic approach to delivering a new office are as follows:
• Assessment: Evaluate the IT requirements of your business and document the equipment needs.
• Analysis: Visit the office space and analyze the installation process.
• Selection: If any new services are required, choose the best network/equipment providers which suit your business.
• Back up: Save all the data and applications to the cloud or physical servers and ensure data safety during the transition.
• Planning: Plan the transfer of existing equipment from the old office to the new one.
• Setup: Use a team of experts to set up the new office on time after successful procurement and transfer of equipment.
• Testing: Test the new network and IT equipment before handing over the new office.
• Support: Provide 24×7 support to ensure that IT infrastructure is working efficiently.