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  • Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Structured Cabling For Data/Voice/Surveillance
  • Network Security
  • Routing and Switching
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Networking Solutions

Digital innovation and business expansion has coerced many organizations to relook at their networks and provide for a better user experience for both internal and external customers. If you are an organization on a growth path, we can help you redesign your network to accommodate the next level of computing—including hyperscale, multi-cloud, 5G, and new trends.

Passive Network Solutions

We can help you to increase your computing performance with minimal investment using HCI. Since hyper-convergence can use the same hardware platform for storage, computation, networking, and virtualization, it helps reduce inefficiencies and accelerates compute.
Some of the services we provide are :
• Data Centre Infrastructure Passive Network Setup
• Telecommunication (VoIP, Phone Systems)
• Security (CCTV, IP Security Devices)
• Audio Visual Wiring and Cabling
• Access Control Cabling
• WorkPlace Passive Network Setup

Wired and Wireless networks

Organizations have realized an increased need for high-performance infrastructure to match up with their ever-growing business needs. There is also a need for optimization of hardware for better control and ROI. Virtualization isn’t only for large corporations; our highly trained team can help you devise an Enterprise Virtualization Solution that suits your needs. From a simple box solution to a high-performance complex solution combining the best in business hardware and software.

Network Access Control Solution

We can help you build an access control solution to deliver a Zero Trust boundary at the point of network connection, based on the identity and role of a user or device, regardless of location, method of connection, or device type. With the granular access permissions, you can keep compromised users and devices from participating in an attack with precision isolation and by automatically blocking or quarantining the endpoint when an attack is detected.

Load Balancing

Real-world application performance can be quite unpredictable. Hence the availability of applications is often threatened by Server and Network overloads. Uneven resource utilization results in low capacity resources being overloaded, while other available resources remain underutilized.
To ensure maximum uptime and reliability, many clients trust server and cloud load-balancing solutions from Comnet. Our Cloud platform offers flexible cloud load balancers to meet the unique requirements of your apps. We use a multi-tenant, scalable and programmable infrastructure presented to the customer as a service.